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"I have been training with Shelly since October 2020, and it has been the best decision I have made for myself in a long time!  I am seeing results that I have never attained in all the years I've gone to fitness centers.  Shelly customizes an exercise routine for me each month which I am able to do at home.  She makes sure I am performing the various exercises correctly and is always available to answer any questions or concerns I have.  I developed a shoulder problem last summer which physical therapy only made worse.  Shelly makes sure to include shoulder strengthening exercises in my routines, and I am seeing marked improvements in my shoulder now.

I participated in my first cleanse in early January.  By doing so, I learned to make healthier food choices and tried new food items that I like.  Shelly's cookbook has also given me easy new recipes to make.  I have also lost 6-7 pounds that I could never lose before; I attribute that to being more attuned to the amount of added sugar in food and being more mindful of what I am eating.  I have kept the lost pounds off since the cleanse and know that I am making better food choices.  My husband has benefited from watching what I do and eat as well - he has lost 5 pounds since early January!"

Sue Burkhard

I've been doing personal training with Shelly for several years.  Her knowledge of nutrition is unsurpassed.  After my husband and I completed the 10 day Cleanse we not only felt great but we had a deeper understanding of how to eat healthier."

Pamela Bloch

"I have done "Shelly's Cleanse" intermittently for several years and have been pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I have been able to adhere to the 10-day time line.  While participating in the cleanse I feel more energetic and I just generally feel better.  It offers a great "reset" for making dietary choices going forward.  Believe me, if I can do this cleanse anyone can!"

Kendra Quinlan

"I started training with Shelly less than a year ago and have never looked back.  As a busy mom of three kids I need workouts that I can do quickly and with kids running around, Shelly gave me just that.  the program and workouts that she designed for me has helped me to get in the best shape I've been in years and lose over 50 pounds.  I truly cannot thank Shelly enough for the time and vested interest she took in my needs and creating a program to work for my lifestyle that is not only doable but enjoyable: the workouts coupled with the nutrition knowledge and her 10-day cleanses have truly changed my life! I participated in my first cleanse with Shelly in August 2021 and it totally changed my way of eating.  I've been able to find delicious substitutes for foods that were staples in my everyday diet and continue to eat them even when I'm not cleansing.  I noticed the inflammation in my body was drastically reduced, I had more energy and was sleeping better."

Melissa Laflin

"I started training with Shelly about three years ago, shortly before my 49th birthday.  I had always focused on cardio for my workouts, usually 60-90 minutes of swimming or running 6-7 days a week.  But I had just had surgery on both feet and felt like I wanted to add in some weight training.  I knew that as I got older, weight training would be an important component of my overall fitness.

When I first me Shelly, she wanted to know my goals.  I told her that I wanted to improve my muscle tone, especially my arms and core, and build my leg strength for running and overall recovery.

Shelly's workouts are interesting and challenging.  She truly listens to each of her clients and creates workouts specifically for each person's goals and based on their strength and ability.  For me, I lift heavy weights, but I do a lot of reps.  Shelly taught me that because of this combination, I won't have bulky muscles, just toned ones and she was right!  Shelly also combines balance and body weight exercises into the mix, so the workouts are never boring!  Shelly is extremely encouraging and patient and willing to adapt your workout to your lifestyle, whether you are traveling, going through recovery from an illness or surgery or trying to fit in workouts while home with small kids.  

I am now more toned and fit than I have ever been in my life.  And, as an added benefit, I have been blessed with a wonderful friend."

Betsy M.

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