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Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist


  • Reduce cancer pain and fatigue
  • Prevent, identify, and manage lymphedema
  • Improve treatment tolerance
  • Prevent and/or manage Osteoporosis, Diabetes, and damage to the heart and lungs following chemotherapy, radiation, and hormonal therapies
  • Return to pre-treatment levels of strength and fitness or better
  • Increase shoulder range of motion and correct postural deviations following mastectomy and/or reconstruction
  • Decrease risk of future cancers

Research shows that regular exercise can greatly improve physical and mental health and can have a positive effect on your quality of life during every phase of treatment.  Oncologists recommend an exercise program to help with improving or maintaining your strength and endurance before, during and after most cancer treatments.

As a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, I am trained to take into consideration:

  • Type of cancer
  • Surgical procedures and treatment options
  • Acute and chronic side effects (including fatigue, compromised immunity, lymphedema, osteoporosis, peripheral neuropathy, nausea)
  • Exercise precautions and modifications

It is imperative to start slowly and progress incrementally.  Exercise is a planned, structured activity that has a purpose and calculated energy expenditure.

My Role as a Cancer Exercise Specialist:

  • Improve overall physical strength and flexibility
  • Reduce pain and fatigue
  • Design, prescribe and teach personalized programs
  • Create individualized exercise programming
  • Correct postural deviations
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Increase range of motion
  • Functional and Balance training
  • Prevent, identify and manage lymphedema

Evidence that Exercise is beneficial for Cancer Survivors:

  • Improves cancer related fatigue, physical function body weight and composition, muscle strength and endurance, immune function, and cardiovascular fitness
  • May also alleviate symptoms that interfere with daily life such as...lack of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, physical fatigue, mental fatigue, treatment and related fatigue, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia 

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