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Exercise Equipment:

Incline/Decline Workout Bench 

Medicine Ball (6, 8, 10, or 12 pounds)

Dumbbells (single or sets of 10-95#) 

Mini Loop Bands: great for travel and a staple for any home gym 

Foam roller (18-inch)

Tiger Tail 18 inch Massage/Trigger point stick: 

Stability ball (55cm)

Stability ball (65cm)

Stability ball (75cm)

Exercise band set with detachable handles (set of 5, 10-50#) and door anchor:

Travel/Home Exercise band with handles and door attachment (light/green)

Travel/Home Exercise band with handles and door attachment (medium/red)

Travel/Home Exercise band with handles and door attachment (heavy/blue)

Ankle weights pair of adjustable (2-10#)

Back and Neck Trigger Point massager

Trigger point balls

Foam pad for Balance

Step with 4 risers

Exercise matt:  Thick, padded

Small Pilates, physical therapy, Togu Ball: (9inch) 


Ashwagandha (for stress, anxiety and promotes sleep)

Lions Mane Mushroom Supplement:

Nu Naturals liquid stevia (2-pack)

Nu Naturals chocolate syrup 6.6oz (3-pack)

Nu Naturals salted caramel syrup 6.6oz (3-pack)

Golden Milk

Digestive Enzymes: with prebiotics and probiotics

Turmeric Supplement: contains black pepper

Chlorella: Dr Mercola's fermented


Liquid Zinc: great for liver health and immunity

Vital Proteins unflavored Collagen powder: with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid

Youtheory Collagen (290 tablets): with Vitamin C

Vital Vitamins Collagen: type I, II, III, V, X and grass feed (No Vitamin C included)

Liver Support: Liver cleanse and detox pills

Magnesium:  Take before bed for better sleep and regular bowel movements


Maca Capsules:

Cat's Claw liquid extract:

Oil of Oregano liquid extract:

Vitamin D3: 

Vitamin B Complex: 

Liposomal Gluthione: food for detoxification, especially helps liver detox hormones (good for hormonal acne)

Aloe Vera Juice Inner Fillet



Brad's Crunchy Kale Chips:

No Cow protein bars: Variety pack (12 bars) gluten-free, dairy-free, plant based, no sugar

Now Cow Dipped protein bars: Variety pack (12 bars) gluten-free, dairy-free, plant based, no sugar

No Cow Peanut Butter Cup Dipped protein bars (12 count)

No Cow Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip protein bars (12 count)

No Cow Salted Carmel Dipped protein bars (12 count)

Black Truffle Ghee:

Black Truffle Dijon Mustard: Great for charcutarie platters

Black Truffle Olive Oil:

Truffle Sauce: great on eggs, pasta, pizza, melted cheese...

Zataran's Creole Mustard: Mix with Taziki for an amazing crab cake/seafood dip (2-pack)

Raw Manuka Honey: Great for Immune system, make-up remover/face mask and cuts

Ghee cooking and topping spray (1-pack)

Ghee cooking and topping spray (6-pack)

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: Bragg's

 Nutritional Yeast: great tasting dairy free substitute for Parmesan...high in B-vitamins

Truvia Packets: (400 count)

Truvia Sweet Complete, Brown sugar: great for baking

Truvia Sweet Complete, Granulated Sugar: All purpose

Truvia Sweet Complete, Confectioners Sugar: 2-pack

Bake Believe dark chocolate chips: Sugar-free (9oz)

Bake Believe white chocolate chips: Sugar-free (9oz)

Lakanto monk fruit sugar substitute: Sugar-free (8.29oz)

Lakanto sugar free maple syrup (13oz)

Nu Naturals sugar free maple syrup (6.6oz)

Raw cacao powder, organic (16oz)

Maca powder, organic (16oz)

Lily's milk chocolate peanut butter cups, sugar-free

Lily's dark chocolate covered almonds, sugar-free (3.5oz)

Lily's sampler pack: milk chocolate caramel popcorn, milk chocolate style covered caramels, milk chocolate covered almonds, milk chocolate peanut butter cups (sugar-free)

Simple mills gluten-free sea salt crackers

Greens First: my favorite powdered green drink (30 servings)

Chia Seeds, Organic:

White Mulberries: great on salads, yogurt, oatmeal and with granola! High in Vitamin C and Resveratrol

50% less sugar Craisins, dried Cranberries

Hamburger Buns Keto Culture "tastes like a real bun" (50 calories, no sugar, 1 net carb)

Pur Gum sugar-free gum: aspartame free: 



Ritual Non-Alcoholic Gin: 

Ritual Non-Alcoholic Tequila:

Ritual Non-Alcoholic Rum:

Ritual Non-Alcoholic Whiskey:

Moment Sparkling Adaptogen drinks: (Cherry Hibiscus/Combo Pack/Cherry Chaga/Kiwi Chlorophyll/Lemon Turmeric/Lychee Mint)

Moment Hot Chocolate zero sugar blend:

Odyssey Sparkling Energy Mushroom drink - contains Lions Main and Cordyceps mushrooms: (Passion Fruit Orange Guava, Orange Ginger, Dragon Fruit Lemonade, Blackberry Lemon Twist and Variety Pack)

Fever Tree Club Soda

Ginger Beer - Sugar Free

Humm Kombucha Zero PeachTea *my favorite (no sugar added)

Humm Kombucha Variety Pack

Get Wellness Tea: great to boost your immune system, tastes amazing!

Get Clean Tea: One of my favorites to help your body and liver detox, tastes amazing!

Tazo China Green Tea: My favorite green tea

Blueberry Lavender Tea: collagen promoting, hydrating and delish! Good Hot or Cold/Iced


Citrus Press: my favorite to use for fresh lemon or lime juice

Omega Juicer: with Celery juice attachment

Immersion Blender: great to puree soups

Vitamix: professional grade, smoothie, soup, ice cream and more settings

Dehydrator: great for dehydrating sprouted nuts and seeds

Ice Tea Maker with Glass pitcher:

Hot Air Popcorn maker:

Wine Glass Cleaner:



Humidifier Cool mist Geniani -

Magic Cleaning Cloth -Just add water, streak-free for glass, mirrors, windows:

Bluetooth portable speaker - waterproof, 12 hours of charge:



Beauty Products:

Epsom Salts (19# bag) Great for Detox Bath or sore muscle soak

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Patches (24 K Gold): 60 patches/30 sets

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Patches (

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Patches: Travel pack, 12 patches/6 sets (Cucumber, 24K Gold, Vitamin C)

EltaMD UV Clear facial sunscreen SPF 46 (for Acne prone/sensitive skin) with zinc oxide

EltaMD UV Tinted facial sunscreen SPF 46 (for Acne prone/sensitive skin) with zinc oxide

EltaMD Foaming Face Wash (for sensitive skin)

EltaMD Full Body 50 SPF Sunscreen: water resistant, non greasy, with zinc oxide

James Read Sleep Mask Tan for Face (1.7oz)

James Read Sleep Mask Tan for Face: Travel size (.8oz)

St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse: Express Tan (6.7oz)

St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse: Express Tan travel kit

St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse: Dark (6.7oz)

St Tropez Self Tanning Mitt

Jergens Self Tanning glow and firming daily body lotion: Medium to Dark (7.5oz)

Jergens Face Daily Self Tanning Lotion: 20 SPF (2oz)

Lumify Eye whitening drops

Oliplex No. 3: Repairs and strengthens hair mask

Oliplex No 6: Leave in repairative styling cream, hydrates, eliminates frizz and protects

Jade Rollar and Gua Sha

Hair Brush Cleaner Tool:

Diamond/Jewlery cleaner "Diamond dazzle stik" - great to clean your diamond ring:




Hustle Clean Body wipes "Shower Pill"

Hisy Bluetooth selfie button with stand: 

Apple Air Bag Tags: 4 pack 

Apple Air Bag Tag (1 tag)

BOSE QuietComfort Bluetooth, wireless, Noise cancelling headphones:

Travel cord/charger/headphone Organizer:

USB Multi Charger cube - 4 USB ports

Travel Clothes line with 12 clothes pins:

Travel Laundry Detergent Sheets:

Travel Workout bands with door attachment: (I never leave home without the green/light band)

Travel Loop Workout Bands:

Greens First Capsules:

Gua Sha Rose Quartz: drains the lymphatic system and toxins from the face.  Good for sagging facial features and smooths lines and wrinkles! Help Contour and depuff your face!!!

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Patches: Travel pack, 12 patches/6 sets (Cucumber, 24K Gold, Vitamin C)


Click here for 30-day Free Prime Membership Trial:


Ginger Turmeric Shots - $30 (15 oz bottle / 10 shots)

Organic Sprouted Nuts:

Almonds $2 (1/4 cup)/$8 a cup

Walnuts $2 (1/4 cup)/$8 a cup

Pecans $3 (1/4 cup)/$12 a cup

Brazil Nuts $5 (1/4 cup)/$20 a cup

Macadamia Nuts $4 (1/4 cup)/$16 a cup

Slivered Almonds $3 (1/4 cup)/$12 a cup

Pumpkin Seeds $3 (1/4 cup)/$12 a cup

Pine Nuts $4 (1/4 cup)/$16 a cup

12-week Transformation Diet Manual (designed for Fitness, Figure and Body Building Competitors) $200

Golf Conditioning Manual - $25

Advocare - go to to order products or become a distributor

Delish Cookbook

Healthy Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Cost $25

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